Financial Stress Is Real. We Help Your Employees Reduce It.

76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, most have less than $1,000 saved, and over 80% are financially stressed. When your employees are financially stressed and confused, they are less engaged at work and less productive.

Companies that offer financial health and wellness to their employees are able to reduce this stress and increase the overall satisfaction and productivity at work.

When you reduce financial stress and increase overall financial health, your employees are better off and your company is too. It's a win-win and we have built a tech platform that mixes the best of behavioral economics, psychology, and direct access to a real live person to help them with their finances - and we're getting quantifiable results that prove our impact so understanding our ROI at your company is that much easier.

The only question left is: do you want to help your employees become financially healthy?

Advisory Board

Education is the true means by which we prosper. In a society where not everyone fully understands finances and financial planning, Holberg financial designs a plan that is made specifically for you. Taylor earned a bachelor’s from Clemson and worked on a computer science education project at Google. Continuing the pursuit to educate, Taylor is a masters candidate at Harvard University. She is intrigued about dystopian movies and loves delicious desserts.

Taylor Green

Kate has been helping get businesses off the ground since getting her MBA in 2011. Currently she’s on-boarding hedge funds and researching capital markets at Senfina Advisors, a division of Blackstone Group in New York. Her personal finance passion blossomed at the microfinance non-profit Capital Good Fund. Kate helped write a financial coaching curriculum and trained over 50 financial coaching fellows. She wants to see HF grow so people can build their financial foundations.

Kate Lyons

HF is unique in that it helps millennials truly understand their financial future in a way that is personalized and easy to implement. HF values self-investment and avoids the financial jargon traditional companies spew on you. KaMar helped jump start a free enrichment program, Google CS First, that gets kids into tech through games, music and fashion. Prior to that, he was a staple in the sneaker game: collecting retro Jordans and cleaning the bottoms of each shoe after each wear.

KaMar Galloway

Trevor has worked with some of best organizations that supports leaders and professionals at organizations such as Teach for America, NCWIT, The CSTA, and Oxford University. He supports Holberg Financial because it is time to rethink how we approach personal finance and empowering individuals, not big firms.

Trevor Schmitt

As a former teacher Elle knows education is the foundation of change. Holberg Financial offers a chance for all people to educate themselves around personal finance so they can achieve their dreams. HF services can help you achieve many important personalized goals including traveling and seeing the world and new cultures; something that Elle passionately pursues. She has been to 5 continents and over 20 countries.

Elle Hoxworth

Amie is Holberg Financial's resident social media advisor. Her clients include NFL, UMass Football and professional athletes in the NBA and NFL. She got her start in social media when she interned with Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Network in Los Angeles. She believes in HF's financial planning as a way feel more stable about financial planning and not get the sweats when looking at financial statements. If you have a dog, she will definitely ask to pet it. She loves them.

Amie Kiehn

Jenny is the founder of Forward in Heels: therapy and leadership coaching for women who want to excel at what they do, stand tall, and own their worth so they can light up the world. Jenny holds a B.A. in Psychology from NYU, an M.S.W. from Boston College, and a Certificate in Organizational and Executive Coaching from NYU. She is excited to see more people take ownership of their financial futures with HF. She loves traveling, yoga, and mentoring adolescents in her spare time.

Jenny Maenpaa

Marisa is a CPA at PwC. Her focus is on privately-held service companies and she has experience with acquisitions of varying industries and size. She holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science in Accountancy from the University of Illinois in Chicago. For over ten years, Marisa has volunteered with charities and enjoys teaching others. She has a passion for traveling, with 10 foreign countries crossed off the list and many more left to visit.

Marisa Rademacher

Amelia is currently working on all things growth at Public Good, connecting people to nonprofits working on the causes they care about. Previously, she worked in asset management and proprietary options trading, holding licenses for her Series 7, 63 and 3. She found her passion in helping people through entrepreneurial pursuits - having founded a concierge company, launched a pitch coaching camp, and built various websites for her friends and family. She is excited about working with Holberg Financial and is looking forward to helping folks achieve financial well being!

Amelia Chen